Hoarding Graphics






What Makes it a Hoarding?

Premium hoarding graphics really makes your development stand out from the rest. We print our premium hoarding graphics onto a 7 year vinyl with 1440 dpi print resolution. They are then laminated with a gloss or matt laminate and applied to rigid panel ready to clad your existing hoarding.


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The Printing Process

Typically hoardings are clad with printed 3mm aluminium composite panels.
What is an aluminium composite panel (ACM)?

This type of panel is probably the most popular panel in the signage industry and frequently used for cladding of buildings, hoardings and sign panels. Unlike correx or PVC foam, aluminium composite is perfect to clad your existing hoarding because of its limited rate of expansion and contraction in all weather conditions.
ACM is extremely strong and lightweight. It is made from an acrylic based core with 2 thin sheets of aluminium bonded to either side and painted with polyester paint. The surface is designed to accept digital print or vinyl graphics.

Roll to Roll Printing

We use only the best self-adhesive vinyls on the market to suit various applications. Four hoarding graphics we use a 7 year permanent vinyl adhesive. The vinyl is loaded onto our large format roll to roll machine and graphics are printed at 1440 dpi. Our advanced large format printing machine offers a wave technology so there is no horizontal banding in the print. Once the
graphics are printed, the vinyl is left for 24 hours to allow ink vapors to escape the surface. The graphics are then laminated to a gloss or matt finish for extra protection.
Graphics are then applied to the ACM panels using our flat bed vinyl applicator to ensure a strong equal adhesive with no creases or bubbles.

Installing Hoarding Panels

ACM graphics are typically installed to the existing hoarding using polyester top panel pins. It is recommended that all hoarding header and kicker board is removed prior to installation and then re-installed. We understand that the existing header and kicker boards may not match the new graphics, therefore we can offer the service to replace this with new header and kicker boards painted to corporate colours

Hoardings UK have the most up to date printing technology and can offer high quality printing services onto ACM to clad your existing plywood hoarding.

E-mail : Info@media-graphics.co.uk

Telephone : 020 3488 3033




E-mail : Info@media-graphics.co.uk

Telephone : 020 3488 3033